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Updates from NAIOMT
Resuming Courses

Well, it appears COVID-19 is going to be with us for the foreseeable future. Businesses are re-opening, PT seems to be progressively recovering. There’ll be some spikes in cases, but, until a vaccine, this is the new normal as society tries to get back to some semblance of function.

Resuming Courses

Accordingly, NAIOMT has decided to resume all live, in-person courses in line with our current published schedule. But, you’ll notice some differences through summer into the fall:

  1. Courses sizes will be smaller than usual, and they will be held in facilities that allow for social distancing within the class setting as much as possible.
  2. Until further notice, all instructors and assistants will be wearing masks during courses, and while we won’t require it, we do ask that all attendees consider wearing masks also. Masks suck, but the evidence is clear and convincing that masks slow transmission of the virus. Evidence dictates practice.
  3. Hygiene and cleaning supplies will be available at all courses.
  4. Many of our courses after Labor Day will contain an option to attend remotely, whether synchronously or asynchronously. If you’re not comfortable attending in-person (or just don’t want to travel), check our website to see which courses carry this option.
  5. We’ll be rigidly adhering to all CDC, federal, state and local COVID-19 guidelines, including those specific to the facilities we partner with to offer our courses.

Nobody signed up for this… not for the sickness, not for the social distancing, not for the sudden disruption to our work or family lives. But as much as we all wish this would just go away so we can resume our lives, it hasn’t, it isn’t, and it won’t any time soon. So, NAIOMT chooses your health and safety (and ours!!) as the #1 priority. NAIOMT is going to foster intellectual nourishment, social connection and personal accommodation. In addition to, and along with our face to face courses, NAIOMT will provide accessible asynchronous content for diverse access, time zones, and contexts, as well as optional synchronous discussion to learn together.

Further, we understand and empathize with the fact that many of you haven’t been working, or are still working reduced schedules. We also know many employers have reduced or even eliminated continuing education benefits. Beginning with many courses prior to Labor Day and all courses after Labor Day, NAIOMT will offer all students an option to break payments up over time, in recognition of the financial difficulties many are experiencing right now.

Many of you have reached out to me personally during this time with your own stories and with feedback about how we can be better at what we do. We’re listening, and seeking to understand.

Finally, NAIOMT has been communicating intensely over the last few weeks in regards to matters of diversity and inclusion. We said we wanted to be doers rather than talkers, so look out for an announcement in the next week or two about the comprehensive actions NAIOMT will be taking to forever change the way we do business and interact with all who come to us.

Remember, what you do matters. PT matters!!

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Updates from NAIOMT

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