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Weekly Emails & Blog Posts
Updates from NAIOMT

NAIOMT understands this is a very difficult time. Many of you are not working, and there’s uncertainty about when you’ll resume. Many of our faculty and staff, too, are fighting hard to keep their practices alive for their communities and families. Our staff is working through upcoming events to postpone and reschedule. 

Take Extra Care of Yourselves

Remember, your body is strong! Our immune system is designed superiorly, and, when supported correctly, can overcome most illnesses. With this ‘down-time’, take extra care of yourselves by eating well and getting enough rest. Sleep is the most important thing we can do to strengthen our bodies – it provides the healing time our body needs to recover from the stress of daily life. Take walks, get plenty of fresh air. Look at the beauty of nature. Move as much as you can, work your joints with weight bearing exercise, even if you’re quarantined. Spend time with those you love, reconnect, while the pace of life has temporarily slowed. Read educational information you normally don’t have time for. Think positively – this too shall pass. Avoid the news. Most of it is negative misinformation and creates stress.

NAIOMT understands that once this crisis has passed - and it will - the professional development industry will never be the same again. We’re committed to using this downtime to getting better… finding new, innovative, effective methods to source, deliver and measure the best professional development programs possible, delivering experiences to help you reach more patients, to change their lives. We’re going to make our programs more flexible, more cost-effective, with less time away from the people you love. After this, PT will be needed more now than ever before!! PT matters.

In the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe. And remember. What we do matters!!

PT matters!!


Weekly Updates from NAIOMT

Starting March 30, 2020 NAIOMT will send a weekly update via emails to all NAIOMT's contacts. Links to each update will be posted below.

Blog Posts by NAIOMT's Brett Windsor

As we recover from this pandemic, NAIOMT will be at the forefront addressing relevant topics and innovating to find better ways to educate, train and develop expert clinicians. Below we will add links to new blog posts as they are published.