Online Courses

    NAIOMT offers online learning opportunities for both core courses and asynchronous specialty courses.


    Synchronous Core Courses

    For your safety and convenience, NAIOMT now offers online core courses. Select courses and exams will run either as "Virtual", "Virtual Choice" or "Hybrid." For details, schedule and to register, visit our Virtual & Hybrid Courses page.



    Online Learning Opportunities

    These asynchronous specialty online courses can be taken at any time at your own pace. Topics span from Spinal Imaging to Sleep Ergonomics to Nutrition.

    O-960 - Sleep Management for Physical Therapists

    Insufficient sleep and poor quality sleep are now considered a population health crisis in the United States. Further, poor sleep has the ability to affect physical therapy outcomes. Many musculoskeletal issues can in turn lead to poor sleep.

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    Watch Liz Henry's video introduction to the online course Sleep Management for Physical Therapists.


    O-959 - Sleep Ergonomics & Clinical Applications

    Physical Therapy Approaches to Promote Patient Restorative Sleep

    Physical therapists are uniquely qualified to prescribe biomechanical sleep solutions for our patients who come to us for neuromuscular symptom complaints due to a disease, overuse, injury, trauma or movement disorder. Our brains and bodies travel a fascinating journey as we sleep or attempt to sleep, where pain can bidirectionally influence sleep quality and quantity.

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    Watch Karen Walz' video introduction to the online course Sleep Ergonomics & Clinical Applications.


    Cervicothoracic MVA Regional Interdependance

    Current evidence is rapidly evolving for the orthopedic manual care of the patient with recent or remote history of Motor Vehicle accident trauma. What is the best sequence of evaluation and treatment for this patient population? Do you know where to begin? NAIOMT's Karen Walz has created the online course Cervicothoracic MVA Regional Interdependance that addresses these questions.

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    Watch Karen Walz's video introduction of the online course Cervicothoracic MVA Regional Interdependance.

    O-963 The Hip-Spine Connection: Unraveling the Mystery

    Do you ever find it complex and frustrating to effectively treat patients with lumbopelvic pain? NAIOMT teaching faculty, Michael Lucido, guides you through common stumbling blocks in the online course "The Hip-Spine Connection: Unraveling the Mystery," and demonstrates how the hip can be the culprit of low back pain.

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    "I enjoyed it! I liked the treatment ideas and the break down of the conditions for hip-spine syndrome - makes it easier to determine which way to go based on the presentation."

    Michelle Arrigoni, PT, DPT - Baylor Scott & White Rehab - Dallas,TX



    O-962 - Spinal Imaging Series

    There are 12 individual modules in the Spinal Imaging Series, each with 8 - 16 hours of content. Unlike many continuing education courses, modules are organized as a post-graduate level course which means there are homework assignments!  Each module costs $99 - $159.

    • Date:  Ongoing
    • Location: Online
    • Instructor: Dan Anton, PT, PhD, ATC

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    O-961 - Nutrition

    This class is designed to be a entry level introduction to how nutrition can affect disease. At the conclusion of the course the participants will be expected to be able to have a base level of knowledge of how plant based nutrition can enhance general health and well being. Participants are also expected to be able to consult with patients on the benefits of a whole food plant based diet.

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