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Join Us in North Carolina and Learn How to
Treat the Whole Person

Join NAIOMT's program dedicated to achieving the highest standards of clinical practice for manual physical therapists. Experience your career in a whole new, satisfying way as you gain the skills it takes to treat more complex patient problems.

Pick Your Path

  • Take individual courses in any order, earning 21 CEUs for each level I and level II course.
  • Complete your CMPT certification mentored by NAIOMT’s experienced instructors.
  • Become a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists through NAIOMT’s ACOMPTE Accredited Fellowship Program.


With NAIOMT, You’ll Learn How to:

  • Treat the whole person.
  • Consistently arrive at an accurate functional diagnosis.
  • Provide a safe, effective, quadrant-integrated, hands-on treatment approach with confidence.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

  • For all upcoming scheduled in-person courses NAIOMT will be following the CDC, federal, state and local COVID-19 guidelines in regard to social distancing and hygiene.
  • All instructors and participants are required to wear masks throughout the course weekend in consideration of the safety of all course participants.
  • We realize that many, if not most, clinicians have received one or both shots of a COVID vaccine. However, until the CDC updates their guidance to allow for vaccinated participants to not wear masks, NAIOMT has decided to keep the mask mandate in place.

Get a Glimpse

Is Spinal Accessory Nerve a Source of Chronic Upper Trapezius Pain/Tightness? Watch NAIOMT’s Liz Henry demonstrate diagnostics and treatment of this common dysfunction. These techniques are taught in the NAIOMT courses C-516 Cervical Spine I and C-616 Cervical Spine II.

The Next Course

The next course at Elon University in North Carolina is the C-516 Cervical Spine I, which will be taught by Liz Henry on April 17-18, 2021.


Confidence & Career Satisfaction Starts Here
Join NAIOMT's Courses in North Carolina

Courses can be taken in any order. Follow links for course details and to register:

Courses at Elon University

Certification and Exams

  • Every step toward becoming a master clinician matters. You spend valuable time and money gaining new skills in manual therapy courses. NAIOMT's tests and exams are designed to boost your investment and give you the solid foundation and confidence to move on to the next level. Get details and register here.

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Course Insights

A new PT’s perspective


As a novice clinician, I'm still trying to develop my pattern recognition skills to ensure that I am not over-testing patients. NAIOMT’s Lumbopelvic Spine I course helped me to improve my clinical reasoning skills and grow more confident in my ability to provide an accurate differential diagnosis. I now efficiently use the lumbar scan to provide a systematic approach to my evaluation. I have treated patients who were convinced they had a hamstring injury or hip pain, when in fact it was manifesting from the lumbar spine.

Since completing the course, I have received feedback from patients referencing how targeted and thorough I was during the initial examination to find the root cause. As a new graduate, this NAIOMT course really added to my skill-set from PT school to allow me the opportunity to improve and grow more efficient. I highly recommend taking NAIOMT courses!

- Theresa O’Sullivan, DPT, Wilmington, NC


Watch our teaching faculty demonstrate key techniques from NAIOMT's courses.


  • C-511 Lumbopelvic Spine I / Watch NAIOMT’s Liz Henry demonstrate H and I combined motion testing of the lumbar spine. This test is useful for picking up hyper and hypomobilities that may not be apparent in planar ROM testing. This test is taught at the C-511 Lumbopelvic Spine I course.


  • C-516 Cervical Spine I / Is Spinal Accessory Nerve a Source of Chronic Upper Trapezius Pain/Tightness? Diagnostics and treatment of this common dysfunction. These techniques are taught in the NAIOMT courses C-516 Cervical Spine I.


  • C-611 Lumbopelvic Spine II / Psoas Triangle: Watch NAIOMT teaching faculty Michael Lucido demonstrate the examination and treatment of a hypertonic psoas major muscle affecting hip motion. This technique is taught in the NAIOMT course C-611 Lumbopelvic Spine II.


  • C-613 Thoracic Spine / The Transitional Zone: Watch Michael Lucido demonstrate the examination and treatment of the thoracolumbar junction. This technique is taught in the C-613 Thoracic Spine course.


  • C-616 Cervical Spine II / OA Biomechanical Assessment and Treatment: NAIOMT teaching faculty Terry Pratt takes us through some assessment and treatment techniques for the occipital-atlanteal joints that are a part of the C-616 Cervical Spine II course.


  • C-621 Lower Extremity / Watch NAIOMT’s Liz Henry demonstrate a strong manipulation for plantar cuboid fixations that don’t respond to a cuboid whip. It can also be useful for when greater protection of the ankle joint is needed during the manipulation. This manipulation is taught at the C-621 Lower Extremity courses.


  • C-626 Upper Extremity / Abducted Ulna. Diagnostics and treatment for this common dysfunction. This technique is taught in the NAIOMT course C-626 Upper Extremity.

NAIOMT's Full Course Schedule

  • All upcoming NAIOMT courses conveniently displayed on one page. Search courses by course name, location, instructor or date simply by clicking the schedule headlines.


World-Class Mentors
Meet Your Instructor


Liz Henry, PT, DSc
Board-Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist
Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists
Certified Cervical and Temporomandibular Therapist

Liz Henry is the president of LifeForce Physical Therapy in Wilmington, NC where she specializes in temporomandibular/craniofacial dysfunction, golf injury rehabilitation/performance, and dance injury/rehabilitation. She is senior consulting therapist at the Carolina Ballet and prior to that was part of the PT team at the New York City Ballet for 25 years. In addition to being a member of the APTA, AAOMPT, she is also a member of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain.

Learn more about Liz Henry

Connect with Liz Henry

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Course Location
Elon University



NAIOMT's courses in Elon, NC will be held at the Francis Health Sciences Center at Elon University.

Get Expert Insights

Get manual therapy technique videos, practical clinical insights from NAIOMT faculty and news on upcoming courses in your area. 

Watch NAIOMT teaching faculty member Liz Henry demonstrate diagnostics and treatment of the common dysfunction Abducted Ulna. This technique is taught in the NAIOMT course C-626 Upper Extremity.

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Complex Patient Problems Call for a Master Clinician Level of Care

The Highest Standards of Clinical Practice

The North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Inc. (NAIOMT) is a private physical therapist-owned organization dedicated to achieving the highest standards of clinical practice for manual physical therapists.

NAIOMT specializes in a flexible teaching program, which seeks to promote the utilization of safe, effective and efficient manual physical therapy management of musculoskeletal dysfunction. It further seeks an environment that is conducive to the application of a reasoned approach to manual physical therapy through critical inquiry and the creation of new knowledge and skills based on scientific study and dissemination of that knowledge.

NAIOMT strongly supports the union of the clinician, academician and researcher to further facilitate the development of quality patient care, physical therapy education and the development of master clinicians.




NAIOMT Teaching Faculty Liz Henry demonstrating a manual therapy technique during a Cervical Spine I course.