• The program meets 2018 ABPTRFE criteria, and IFOMPT Education OMPT Standard’s.
  • Part-time with distance components over typically 30 months. It will fit with your clinical and family commitments and eliminates the need to relocate
  • Classroom 2 -6-day intensive classes plus online guided education & practical study
  • Formal advanced clinical mentoring at your clinic or at the clinical fellowship instructor’s site
  • Interaction with experienced and practicing clinicians; our outstanding faculty



  • 150 hours of 1:1 clinical mentoring (in person and distance mentoring, synchronized or asynchronized (per ABPTRFE criteria 2017) including individual tutorials and case discussion
  • In person and distance mentoring is with a NAIOMT-approved clinical fellowship instructor, credentialed in OMPT (FAAOMPT or equivalent)
  • A minimum of 700 clinical hours including remote access to faculty during clinical practice
  • Professional Development mentoring
  • Ongoing clinical evaluation and formal examinations: live patient examinations & formal case evaluations




  • Fellowship Program 1200 hours over a maximum of 5 years, averaging 30 months
  • 105 hours of in person and online NAIOMT core advanced 700-level OMPT education courses
  • 128 hours of advanced clinical reasoning online modules of interactive case management training
  • Approx. 120 hours of project development, electives and directed technique practice
  • 150 hours of direct 1:1 clinical mentoring: in person and distance mentoring and tutorials with a NAIOMT-approved clinical fellowship instructor, credentialed in OMPT (FAAOMPT or equivalent)
  • Faculty availability & mentoring during 700 hours of clinical practice



  • NAIOMT Advanced Quadrant/Interdependence Theories & Advanced Techniques (105 hours)
    • C-705 Advanced Lower Quadrant
    • C-715 Advanced Upper Quadrant
    • C-720 Advanced Clinical Reasoning
    • C-725 Advanced Spinal Techniques/Manipulation
    • Core in-person 2-2 day or 4-6-day intensive courses, plus elective fellowship online study to develop advanced theoretical, psychomotor & reasoning skills for specific/focused mobilization/manipulation skills
  • Fellowship Advanced Clinical Reasoning Online Modules: 128 hours
  • Self-directed OMPT technique practice (40 hours)
  • Elective pre- and post- NAIOMT core course online advanced integration (60 hours)
  • Electives: NAIOMT specialty classes, approved non-NAIOMT OMPT electives: OMPT classes covering the breadth and depth of OMPT
  • Online guided study with faculty and peers
  • Examinations: Intermediate and advanced oral-practical examinations, written case presentations
  • Fellowship project options:
    1. Contributor to NAIOMT research project (RCT, data collection), or
    2. Platform or poster presentation (Accepted & presented) within the fellowship, or
    3. Written paper suitable for publication. This is your only option if using for a DSc/Fellowship Combined project