The NAIOMT Focus

The NAIOMT focus is evidence-informed clinical reasoning and on solving real patient cases. All NAIOMT courses offer CEUs and full academic credit that can be applied to programs (t-DPT & DSc) in association with our partner, Andrews University. This way, as budgets tighten, you can get more for your con ed dollar.

Insurers in many cases are beginning to consider programs that reimburse clinicians for better outcomes. NAIOMT education can not only decrease the number of visits required to produce these outcomes, but will provide clinicians with the skills to complete more evaluations while enhancing the quality of care.

NAIOMT teaching faculty Laura Iverson-von Wullerstorff demonstrating manual therapy techniques

A True Evidence-informed Approach

Another benefit of NAIOMT education is the development of clinicians who feel much more confident dealing with the complex patient. These patients require a true evidence-informed approach that utilizes all three pillars of evidence based practice - clinical experience, patient preferences, and research. NAIOMT focuses heavily on patient education, postural adaptation and activity modification, ensuring that your clinicians have the skills to maintain patient outcomes and develop an accurate prognosis.

NAIOMT can offer employers group discounts, corporate discounts or the opportunity to host courses in-house and tailor the program to your unique needs.

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