Please Note

If you are planning 630 CMPT Certification, please contact the Examinations Manager if:

  1. You took NAIOMT 500 / 600 level (Level's I or II) courses 5 years or more prior to today's date
  2. You completed the older level II Certificate prior to January 1st, 2016


C-630 CMPT Certification

500 and 600 Level Tests and Exams

The NAIOMT 630 CMPT Certification requires the completion of all 500 and 600 Level courses, the online tests, and the 630 Oral Practical Exam.

These online tests may be taken in any order:

  • 511 Lumbopelvic Spine I
  • 516 Cervical Spine I
  • 611 Lumbopelvic Spine II
  • 613 Thoracic Spine
  • 616 Cervical Spine II
  • 621 Lower Extremity
  • 626 Upper Extremity


Oral Practical Exam

  • C-630 Oral Practical Exam


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730 COMT Certification

700 Level Exams

After earning your CMPT you can advance to the COMT, which requires the completion of all 700 Level courses, C-730 Written Case Presentations and the     C-730 Oral Practical Exam.


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NAIOMT faculty Bill Temes teaching manual therapy techniques