What is Similar About Horner’s Syndrome & How to Functionally Train a Patient with a Compromised Alar Ligament?

Posted by Steve Allen, PT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT on Oct 24, 2018 7:47:54 PM

So what is similar about Horner’s Syndrome and how to functionally train a patient with a compromised alar ligament? The answer, my friends, is they both come up in our presentation in the NAIOMT Scan of the Head. This region is functionally, anatomically, neurologically and pathologically so very different than the mid-cervical spine. As faculty instructors, we present these two so very distinct areas on separate tracks, with the head scan alone taking up a good portion of one day of our Cervical Spine course.  

This examination includes sound clinical reasoning and a safe, effective track to follow in the acute presentation of a patient. We screen for potentially serious or even life threatening lesions or disease, as well as the more stable patient that will so benefit your manual skills and training specificity prescription as they leave your clinic.

Consider ….what is the standard of care in the head and neck patient in manual therapy ? How relevant is appreciating the functional difference in the atlantooccipital vs. atlantoaxial joints in the treatment of headache? When is prescription of a cervical collar indicated? And what is the prognosis and most effective approach in the treatment of the whiplash patient?

We as physical therapists aspire to be the clinician of choice in the care of these patients. Yes, imaging maybe warranted. Yes, medical referral may also be indicated. Many of our headache patients, that is cervicogenic headache, maybe examined and treated without further medical consult or unnecessary imaging. But that will hinge on your sound clinical reasoning and a comprehensive scanning examination. Your head and hands applied to this population. Be the clinician of choice in your community!

Join me or any of one of my colleagues on a NAIOMT 516 class in the assessment and care of the head and neck patient coming to your area.

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