Post MVA Cervical Case (Video)

Posted by NAIOMT on Oct 2, 2017 9:15:07 AM

In the NAIOMT manual therapy video below, faculty member Bill TemesPT, MS, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT addresses an example case of cervical issues post MVA. Let us know if you have any questions at all, and for more in depth experience into cervical spine manual therapy, join us for an upcoming course!

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Abstract of the Week: Whiplash Injury or Concussion?

Posted by NAIOMT on Mar 4, 2017 9:15:40 AM

This week, we take a look at Whiplash Injury or Concussion? A Possible Biomechanical Explanation for Concussion Symptoms in Some Individuals Following a Rear-End Collision from the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. Elkin, et al. 2016 provide their biomechanical explanation for mechanism of injury of a concussion in a rear-end type collision. These authors specifically are looking at impact forces with head seat restraints compared to head blows (direct) that are known to cause concussions (contact related sports). Study data was compiled using simulated brain/head models and corroborated some clinical trends we typically see in our MVA patients:

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Clinical Cranial Nerve Screening

Posted by NAIOMT on Feb 26, 2017 10:00:54 AM

In the video below, NAIOMT Faculty Karen Walz, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT takes you through a clinical cranial nerve screening post-MVA.

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MVA Neck Pain: Is the facet joint the ‘driver’ of my patient’s symptoms?

Posted by NAIOMT on Sep 10, 2016 11:13:13 AM

Everyday, physical therapists are striving to be better at clinical decision making. But in patients with chronic neck pain, it can be challenging for therapists to select the right treatment at the correct time for optimum outcomes for the patient. Motor vehicle accident whiplash-associated disorders or chronic neck pain from other ‘traumas’ can be evaluated by selected manual techniques and evidence based questionnaires to select the patients best suited for consideration of a cervical facet injection (cRFN or cervical radiofrequency neurotomy). Earlier studies, have shown that paraspinal tenderness, positive mechanical exam of spine segment can be combined with > 50% relief of familiar pain symptoms with a medial branch block injection to the ‘culprit’ segment, to be significant indicators of a positive response to a subsequent cRFN. Smith et al. 2016 has now established that in WAD Grade II patients, low scores on the pain catastrophization scale and neck disability scale, show a higher likelihood of success to the cRFN versus those patients who had higher pain focus, a tendency to catastrophize their condition and rated their level of function lower.

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