Leg Length Difference: The Simple Controversy

Posted by NAIOMT on Nov 18, 2019 7:50:46 AM

Can you guess which leg is longer?  Tell us in the comments.

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How To Have Your PT Career (And Enjoy It Too!)

Posted by NAIOMT on Mar 30, 2017 9:12:55 PM

Most physical therapists I have met over the years have similar reasons for entering the field and practice: The willingness to help others. But somewhere along the line, that passion can get lost. We get caught up in other entities of the job and lose sight of what we entered the practice for. There are productivity standards and expectations. Committees and side projects that do not have much to do with patient care. Documentation is no longer a review of what worked and what didn’t—it is a satisfaction of the requirements of the insurance company (so we can get paid.) So how can we keep the passion for PT in this new “business" environment?

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Skill Filter: Why Mentorship is important.

Posted by NAIOMT on Aug 28, 2016 12:40:34 PM

This sign got me thinking... it's often our own selves that are biggest limiter to growth.

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PT Profile: Jillian Tanych

Posted by NAIOMT on Jul 18, 2016 9:37:07 PM
Jillian Tanych
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Does Size Really Matter?

Posted by NAIOMT on Jun 4, 2016 11:45:58 AM

I have been sitting on a thought for a while as I work on decorating my new office. I have recently earned another certificate to put on the wall. I placed this new one above my very first manual therapy certificate and it made me think about the differences.

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Why Mentorship Matters in PT

Posted by NAIOMT on Oct 27, 2015 9:00:38 AM

Why does mentorship matter so much in our physical therapy profession? And why do we keep harping on this? Here goes.

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On Mentorship

Posted by NAIOMT on Oct 16, 2015 9:24:31 AM

Mentorship develops PTs into effective, ever-evolving, and ever-improving professionals with the chops to dig down and truly help their patients--no matter the presentation. That's why, for us, it's an integral part of these manual therapy courses.

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Empirical Evidence. Neuroplasticity. Simplicity.

Posted by NAIOMT on Aug 27, 2015 1:13:10 PM

“Empirical evidence, data, or knowledge, also known as sense experience, is a collective term for the knowledge or source of knowledge acquired by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation.” (Wikipedia)

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PT Profile: Steve Goldrick

Posted by NAIOMT on Apr 18, 2015 8:36:23 AM

For today's PT Profile, we welcome Steve Goldrick. Steve graduated magna cum laude in 2008 and was also a Presidential Scholar with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy from Western Washington University. He worked as a personal trainer throughout college as well as a PT aide and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) in 2008. He then went on to graduate top of his class in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Eastern Washington University in 2011. During his graduate studies, he worked as a research associate in the ergonomics/biomechanics laboratory where he was published in the Orthopedic Practice PT Journal (Ortho Section) for his work involving ergonomic exposure assessment methods in the grocery industry.

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So I've finished my DPT...

Posted by NAIOMT on Mar 3, 2014 4:17:19 PM

There are 220 accredited physical therapy schools in the United States (CAPTE, 2014), with 25,971 students enrolled, an average of 40 students per class. Each year, 8,720 new physical therapists begin their careers. Academically, todays' graduates are better prepared than at any point in the history of our profession. The modern new graduate physical therapist is smart, motivated, and hungry to make a difference. The DPT degree provides a great preparation...but then what? How do you continue to grow?

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