Lumbopelvic Spine Laura

One Way to Treat and Clear a Patient’s Low Back Pain

Posted by NAIOMT on Jan 15, 2020 8:14:58 AM

Do you often see patients with low back pain? In the manual therapy video below, watch NAIOMT's Laura von Wullerstorff demonstrate one way to treat and clear a patient’s low back pain due to a painful segmental hypo mobility secondary to loss of neuromuscular control. This technique is taught in the C-611 Lumbopelvic Spine II course. 

Of course,  in reality, there's never any single way to address an issue, because every patient case is unique. But the NAIOMT approach teaches you how to treat the whole person--how to better assess patients from the beginning and apply sound clinical reasoning that'll lead to the best course of treatment.

Our seasoned faculty are committed to one thing: setting you up for success. They're passionate mentors who guide you a whole new level. And once you have the skills and confidence it takes to help even the toughest-to-treat patients, it brings career satisfaction you may never thought possible. Come see what we mean. You can take Lumopelvic Spine I and II in any order that works for you , and our second and third year PT students enjoy  a reduced registration fee.


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