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Conversation With Brett Windsor

Posted by NAIOMT on May 26, 2020 4:46:59 PM

In the second episode of Steve Allen’s podcast series “You Think You Know: Conversations That Inspire”, Steve is joined by NAIOMT CEO Brett Windsor. Listen as Steve asks Brett about his upbringing in Perth, Australia, what brought him to the US and what first attracted him to NAIOMT. During the conversation Brett also talks about his mentors, as well as his view of the future of physical therapy and why NAIOMT has a crucial part to play.

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Michael Lucido's "Best of NAIOMT": Lumbopelvic Spine I

Posted by NAIOMT on May 26, 2020 4:45:24 PM

In the video series "Best of NAIOMT" Michael Lucido demonstrates key techniques from NAIOMT's core courses. In the first installment Michael demonstrates a manual treatment of a patient with primary intervertebral disc pain using graded segmental traction. This technique is taught and discussed in NAIOMT’s course C-511 Lumbopelvic Spine I.

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How Mentorship Fosters Effective Clinicians

Posted by NAIOMT on May 25, 2020 6:03:51 PM
Mentorship is not teaching. It's a relationship. In the video below, NAIOMT's Bill Temes, PT, MS, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT and Brett Windsor, PT, PhD, MPA, FAAOMPT discuss the value of mentorship in becoming an effective clinician, and how it works within NAIOMT's unique system.
"Mentorship is about helping someone move beyond what they currently know by showing them what could be. And then showing them that their knowledge needs to be transformed into some kind  of action." -Brett Windsor, PT, PhD, MPA, FAAOMPT
Watch below. And if you have any questions about our flexible, comprehensive Fellowship Program, please don't hesitate to reach out,  or come test the waters at an upcoming manual therapy course to see what we're all about and how we can empower you to balance your own personal and professional goals. 
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Clinical Reasoning With Erl Pettman

Posted by NAIOMT on May 12, 2020 2:57:54 PM

Has the term "clinical reasoning" become a cliche? In the video below, NAIOMT founding member, Erl Pettman, discusses the role of clinical reasoning with Brett Windsor, and shares his advice for young PTs.

"Clinical reasoning is much like puzzles. The people who love puzzles as a child, they're going to be the clinical reasoners of tomorrow."

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Topics: lumbar spine, lumbopelvic spine, manual therapy, Clinical Fellowship Program, Clinical Reasoning, low back pain, tele-pt, telehealth

Concepts of Cervical Locking

Posted by NAIOMT on Apr 24, 2020 3:50:29 PM
How do you safely and comfortably manipulate the cervical spine in the presence of sensitive segments? In this video, NAIOMT faculty Liz Henry reviews how you can use locking techniques to solve the issue of protecting sensitive segments in the cervical spine.
Two kinds of articular locking are described for this spinal region. The application of locking under four scenarios are described, including the use of schematics to visually illustrate:
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Erl Pettman & the Functional Shoulder Girdle

Posted by NAIOMT on Apr 23, 2020 5:40:55 PM

This first episode in NAIOMT teaching faculty Steve Allen’s podcast series "You Think You Know: Conversations That Inspire” takes you on a journey with master clinician Erl Pettman. Listen as Erl recounts discovering the link between two very different, separate anatomical regions, and presenting the findings in his 1984 paper, “The Functional Shoulder Girdle.”

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Superior Tib-Fib Joint Assessment

Posted by NAIOMT on Mar 16, 2020 1:05:15 PM

Watch NAIOMT Teaching Faculty Angela Gordon demonstrate a great, quick and easy assessment technique for the superior tib-fib joint in functional position. To learn more about assessing and treating this joint, please join any of NAIOMT's upcoming Lower Extremity courses in 2020.

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Topics: lower extremity

Abducted Ulna - Diagnostics & Treatment

Posted by NAIOMT on Feb 24, 2020 11:09:23 AM

One of the most common mechanical dysfunctions at the elbow is the abducted ulna syndrome. In the video below, NAIOMT teaching faculty Liz Henry demonstrates diagnostics and treatment for this dysfunction.

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Topics: upper extremity

Posterior Shear Test

Posted by NAIOMT on Feb 19, 2020 8:03:47 PM

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT's Angela Gordon demonstrates a posterior shear test, which can be used to check for ligamentous instability.

The patient is asked to gently push into the table while the PT blocks the inferior vertebrae and feels for the superior vertebrae to slide backward. Over pressure can be applied to further assess ligamentous integrity. In a normal spine there should be little mobility here. You can compare various segments to determine where there is excessive mobility.

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Topics: lumbopelvic spine, manual therapy, NAIOMT, Manual Therapy Videos, sacro-iliac joint

4 Essential Subtalar Ligament Checks

Posted by NAIOMT on Feb 17, 2020 12:13:23 PM

There are many ligaments in the ankle. If you are only checking the ones in the talocrural joint, you may be missing what your patient needs to get back to functioning. In the video below, NAIOMT teaching faculty Valerie Coolman demonstrates how to check the four ligaments in the subtalar joint.

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