Clinical Reasoning With Erl Pettman

Concepts of Cervical Locking

Erl Pettman & the Functional Shoulder Girdle

Tele-PT and the Manual Therapist

Superior Tib-Fib Joint Assessment

Abducted Ulna - Diagnostics & Treatment

Posterior Shear Test

4 Essential Subtalar Ligament Checks

Frozen Shoulder, It’s Time for a Name Change

10 “Rules” for Treating Low Back Pain

Stronger Cuboid Manipulation

Supine Thoracic Manipulation

One Way to Treat and Clear a Patient’s Low Back Pain

One Way to Regain CT Junction Extension

Mobilization for Bilateral Stenosis

Why Use Toe Spreaders?

Manipulation to Improve Dorsiflexion

Anyone Have Patients With a Forward Head Posture?

Subtalar Eversion Manipulation

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Stacy Soappman

Leg Length Difference: The Simple Controversy

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Bill Temes

AAA – A One-Percenter

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Terry Pratt

Elbow Mobilization

Is Spinal Accessory Nerve a Source of Chronic Upper Trapezius Pain?

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Liz Henry

Superior Tibiofemoral Manipulation in Quadruped

Sleep Ergonomics: Clinical Applications - Physical Therapy Approaches to Promote Patient Restorative Sleep

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Angela Gordon

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Bret Swigard

Meaningful Mentors: NAIOMT's Valerie Coolman

NAIOMT Fellowship: New Grads

Cuboid Manipulation

A Chronic Pain Insight

Soccer Injuries: Arthrokinematic Assessment of the Knee

Abstract of the Week - New perspectives on dry needling following a medical model: are we screening our patients sufficiently?

Shoulder Abduction Assessment

Effective Hip Exercise for Trail Running Patients

Proper Palpating of the UCL Ligament

Evaluation of the Scapula

NAIOMT Alumni and Faculty Publish Spinal Manipulation Article in the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy

Adapting Thoracic Spine Manipulation for Broader Patients

Ligamentous Stress Tests of the Craniovertebral Region

Garnering Speed for Lumbar Gapping of Larger Patients

HA Taping to Relieve Tension

Tissue Differentiation: Trigeminal Signs and Symptoms

NAIOMT Fellowship: Reflections of a New Grad

Spinal Engine to Correct Sacral Dysfunction

TMJ Screening Tips

3 Common Clamshell Exercise Errors

Pain with Right Rotation? Here's One Way to Treat

The Importance of Observation in PT

Cervical Spine Anatomy Review

Seated Thoracic Manipulation

Normal Variance in the Alar Ligament Testing

Upper Motor Neuron Signs During Cervical Scanning Examination

Patient Case: Addressing SI Joint Pain

PT Pregame: Why Scapular Stabilization in Overhead Athletes Matters

Patient Case: Violinist with Tingling and Numbness

Your Accelerated Path to CMPT Certification

Examination of the Pelvic Girdle: The “Load Transfer” Test

Seated Thoracic Manipulation on a Larger Patient

Advanced Cervical Spine Manipulation

Technique for the CMC Joint

Muscle Testing Three Ways

One Way to Treat the Subtalar Joint

Left Head Rotation Pain Assessment and Treatment

Gapping Manip of the SI Joint

Women in The PT Profession: A Conversation

Cyclist with Wrist Pain: A Patient Case

What is Similar About Horner’s Syndrome & How to Functionally Train a Patient with a Compromised Alar Ligament?

Patient Case of Posterior Ankle Pain

Tips for Effective Lumbar Gapping Manipulation

The Spine: Single Manipulation or Repeat Mobilization?

One Way To Treat Low Back Pain

One Way to Help a Hiker with Knee Pain

Is Yoga and Other Fitness Activities Good for my Spine?

Locking of the Lumbar Spine

A New Direction for NAIOMT

Alternative Supine Thoracic Manipulation

Stress Testing Cervical Ligaments

Treatment of the Sacroiliac Joint for Mechanical Dysfunction

Unilateral CT Junction Manipulation with a “Sensitive” Neck

Biomechanical Assessment of The Sacroiliac Joint

The Ultimate Pain Solution

Subtalar Joint: Manual Therapy Examination & Assessment of Glide in Eversion & Abduction

Prone Scapular Setting

Side-lying Scapular Activation

Treating Upper Lumbar Spine Segments

Evaluation of A Cervicogenic Headache

One Way to Assess and Treat Knee Pain in Runners

Seated Thoracic Manipulation

Modifications to BPPV Treatment

Testing ROM in the Cervical Spine Without a Goniometer

Lumbar Scan: Prone Torsion Test

One way to Treat the Talocrural Joint Following a Plantar Flexion/Inversion Ankle Sprain

Regaining Right Rotation Through the Ipsilateral AA Joint

One Way to Treat Lack of Supination in the Forearm

Cycling and my Obsession with Gluteus Medius and Piriformis

Atlantoaxial Rotary Stability Test

Anterior Shear Test of The Lumbar Spine

Testing and Manip of the Abducted Ulna

Examining for Cervical Artery Dysfunction

Manipulation of The First Rib

Glenohumeral Capsular Ligament Assessment

Why Do the Lumbar Slump Test?

Foot Pathology in the Distance Runner

Scanning the Body Using Different Functional Groupings

PIVMs for the Cervical Spine

Thoracic Spine Manipulation Safety

PT Braketology: Stop the Madness

Hip Assessment and Treatment Post MVA

Throwing Shoulder Manual Therapy Case

Is It a Mobility Issue Or Stability Issue in The Lumbar Spine?

Post-MVA CT Junction Case Evaluation

Treating a Common Winter Wrist Injury

Two Recommendations a PT Can Make to Effectively Lessen a Patient's Migraine Headache

Assessment and Treatment of The Talocrural Joint

Asymmetry of the Human Body: Does it Really Matter?

Slump Exam for the Lumbar Spine

Success with Chronic Pain is Education of What Normal Actually Feels Like.

Upper Cervical Mobility Testing AA Joint

Gapping Mobilization in a Neurally Loaded Position

Manubrial Test For The Thoracic Spine

How To Find Upper Extremity Reflexes

Subtalar Joint Interosseous Ligament Tests

Positional Release Technique of the quadratus lumborum

This Is What Sparked My Dry Needling Passion

H and I Testing

Seated OA Treatment to Regain Occiput Posterior Glide

The 20 "Rules" of Manual Therapy

Compression Overload Test

New Year, New Skills

Alternative Thoracic Spine Manipulation

Manipulation of The AC Joint

The Dangers of Year-Round Training in Youth Baseball

Upper Cervical Ligaments Review

Manipulation of Abducted Ulna

Unilateral C7 T1 Extension Manip of the CSpine

Should This Patient Race with an Ankle Sprain?

How to Assess and Treat the Superior Tibiofibular Joint

Compression Overload Test for the Lumbopelvic Spine

What's Really Causing Plantar Fasciitis? A Patient Case

Radio Humeral Joint Mobilization

Musculoskeletal Monday: From Technicians to Musculoskeletal Specialists

Modified Schober Test

Is It a Neuromuscular Imbalance? Here's One Way to Tell

Humeral Head Won't Go Posterior? Here's One Way to Treat It

What Impacts a Patient's Cervical Range of Motion

PT Profile: Megan Mitchell

3 Special Skill Areas That Can Help PTs in The Clinic

Musculoskeletal Monday: Mix Tape

What To Do When a Patient's Legs Are Almost As Big as You

Musculoskeletal Monday: It’s All About Balance

This Population Could Use More Skilled PTs...

Post MVA Cervical Case (Video)

Thoracic Spine Manipulation (When Your Arms Are Too Short!)

Ipsolateral & Contralateral Locking for The Lumbar Spine

Cervical Tests Blocking and Mob (Video)

Segmental Stabilization Technique for the Lumbar Spine

Musculoskeletal Monday: Inflammation IS Healing… Literally

Side-lying Lumbar Spine Rotational Mobilization for the Older Patient

How to Regain CMC Extension

Assessing and Treating the Clavicle

Musculoskeletal Monday: Whiplash

Atlantoaxial Mobility Non-articular Cervical Dysfunction Assessment

Combined PIVMs (Non-Weight Bearing H and I Test)

New Season, New Skills: Advanced Spinal Manipulation

Musculoskeletal Monday: Clinical Instability

Regaining Supination of the Radioulnar Joint

Mobilization of the First MTP Joint

Musculoskeletal Monday: Cervical Manipulation

Musculoskeletal Monday: The Lumbar Disc

Talar Swing Test Video

Patient with Pain Turning Head to the Left? Here's One Way to Assess and Treat

Musculoskeletal Monday: The Elbow Complex

Delayed Diagnosis, Delayed Care

Musculoskeletal Monday: Sensational Sensation

Talocrural Distraction Video

Musculoskeletal Monday: The Shoulder

Musculoskeletal Monday

Treatment of the Subtalar Joint to Regain Eversion

Combined PIVM of The Lumbar Spine

Why Does Foam Rolling Work?

Interview with Erl Pettman PT, MCSP, MCPA, FCAMPT

Manipulation for Osteoarthritis of the Base of Thumb

Great Expectations (Of Patients)

Clinical Presentation of Traumatic Arthritis in the Lumbopelvic Spine

Controlling the Spine During Seated Thoracic Techniques

Treatment of the Injured Runner: Lifting with Gracovetski

How To Have Your PT Career (And Enjoy It Too!)

Stretching the Levator Scapula (Video)

Reasoning Through the Loss of Full Arm Elevation (Video)

Behold! The New PC-PT

Segmental Stabilization Beyond the Multifidus

Restoring Ability To Reach Behind Back

Talar Swing Test Video

Atlantoaxial Rotary Stability Test

To PTs Striving For Something More...

Abstract of the Week: Whiplash Injury or Concussion?

Fellowship Reflections: C2/3 Dysfunction

Clinical Cranial Nerve Screening

Good Clinical Reasoning or Good Hands: Which is Better?

Abstract of The Week: Effects of stretching exercises for posture correction

Neurodynamic Testing of the Upper Extremity in the Scanning Examination

3 Stress Tests of The Lumbar Scan

Abstract of the Week: Turning a Negative Into a Positive

Abstract of The Week: The effect of direction specific thoracic spine manipulation on the cervical spine: a randomized controlled trial

Abstract of the Week: The effects of a standardized belly dance program on perceived pain, disability, and function in women with chronic low back pain.

Abstract of The Week: The influence of weather on the risk of pain exacerbation in patients with knee osteoarthritis

Increasing Movement in the Lumbar Spine of Older Patients

Abstract of The Week: The association between dry needling-induced twitch response and change in pain and muscle function in patients with low back pain

PT Profile: William Stokes

Alternative Thoracic Gapping Video

Abstract of the Week: Neuromechanical response to spinal manipulation therapy: effects of a constant rate of force application.

Seated Thoracic Spine Mobilization (Video)

Closing Manipulation in C2 3 (Video)

Assessment Of The Inferior Tib-Fib Joint

Direction Specific Glide Assessment of Z & U Joint Dysfunction: Lower Cervical Spine

Interview with Steve Allen

Movement Monday: How Does It Make You Feel?

Movement Monday: Friction, Family and Olympic Dreams

Movement Monday: Switching Things Up

Movement Monday: Skiing Volcanoes

Os Odontoideum: the need for vigilance in our screening examinations

The PT Approach to Polio-Like Virus

Why You Should Learn Trigger Point Dry Needling

Lumbar Compression Test (Video)

A Default Approach to SI Region Dysfunctions (Video)

Burning Mouth Syndrome: A Case Study

Abstract of The Week: Upper cervical instability associated with rheumatoid arthritis

MVA Neck Pain: Is the facet joint the ‘driver’ of my patient’s symptoms?

Calling National Student Conclave Attendees (And Those Who WANT to go!)

If I Ran The World…or at Least the PT World

Skill Filter: Why Mentorship is important.

Profile of a NAIOMT PT

Abstract of The Week: Teaching and Learning Spinal Thrust Manipulation

IFOMPT 2016 Review: Lorimer Moseley – Expanding Our Understanding of Pain Biology and Patient

Abstract of The Week: How Should We Teach Lumbar Manipulation?

Manual Therapy Video: Cervico-Thoracic Mobilization With Movement

Yoga and OMPT or … When the Students Become the Teachers

PT Profile: Keaton Ray

Reflections from IFOMPT 2016

PTs and The Power of Listening

PT Profile: Jillian Tanych

It’s A Good Week To Be In Your 40s

Where The PTs at? This Population Could Really Use Your Help

Abstract of The Week: Effect of Velocity of Joint Mobilization on Corticospinal Excitability in Individuals with History of Ankle Sprain

Good Enough vs. The Courage to Innovate in Manual Therapy

PT Profile: Ryan Maddrey

When PTs Get Together...

The Mind's Ability to Heal The Body

Restoring Hope in Chronic Pain

Does Size Really Matter?

WHAT! No Change in Physical Activity After Joint Replacement?

Medical Screening Considerations for Pregnant Patients

The Ties That Bind Us

Abstract of the Week: A Comparison of Hamstring Stretching Programs

PT Profile: David Bond

PTs Can Help Get This Out in the Open

Glenohumeral Capsular Ligament Assessment

PT Profile: Michael Lehr

Abstract of the Week: Unilateral Facial Pain

Scapular Stabilization for the Overhead Athlete Video

Quality Face Time (And Our Commitment To You)

Sample - How To Post

Four Measures to Prevent Little League Elbow

Thoracic Spine Anatomy and Palpation Video

6 Factors to Consider for Early Season Injuries in Overhead Athletes

MVA Cold Hyperalgesia Clinic Test (Video)

The APTA Section on Women's Health Got It Right

Abstract of the Week: Thoracic Manual Therapy in The Management of Non-specific Shoulder Pain

Extrinsic Factors Impacting Cervical ROM: Posture & Respiration

Flexion Manipulation from above for L5 S1 Instability

Abstract of The Week: Upper Cervical and Upper Thoracic Manipulation Versus Mobilization and Exercise in Patients with Cervicogenic Headache

Kinetic Testing of the SI Joint: Forward Backward Bending

Testing ROM in the Cervical Spine Without a Goniometer

Segmental Stabilization Technique for the Lumbar Spine

Kinetic Testing of the SI Joint: Prone Kinetic Test

Abstract of The Week: Enhanced Therapeutic Alliance Modulates Pain Intensity and Muscle Pain Sensitivity in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain

Combined PIVMs (Non-Weight Bearing H and I Test)

Article of The Week: Pronator Drift

Here's What The Health Care System Needs Most

How To Find Upper Extremity Reflexes

Increasing Movement in the Lumbar Spine of Older Patients

Thoracic Spine Influence on the Shoulder

Strategies for Temporalis Induced Tension Headache

CSM Session: The Effects of Cervico-thoracic Stiffness on the Lumbopelvic/Pelvic Floor Region

Abstract of The Week: Single-leg drop landing movement strategies in participants with chronic ankle instability compared with lateral ankle sprain 'copers'

Unilateral C7 T1 Extension Manip of the CSpine

Abstract of the Week: The value of provocative tests in diagnosis of cervical radiculopathy.

Sharp Purser Test: RA Version vs Erl Pettman Version

Video: Upper Cervical Mobility Testing AA Joint

Lower Quadrant Scanning Exam Review

Grade I General Suboccipital Traction in Sitting

PT Profile: Katey Blumenthal

A Case Study: Neurological Pathology And Orthopedic Dysfunction

Profound Impact of Physiotherapy/PT

Video: Advanced Concepts for the Overhead Athlete

Who Has Been Your Most Memorable Patient?

Abstract of The Week: Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

PT Profile: Alexis Morgan

How Star Wars Is Like Us

Abstract of the Week: Immediate Effects of a Dynamic Rotation-Specific Warm-Up on X-Factor and X-Factor Stretch in the Amateur Golfer

Video: Radioulnar Joint Pronation Manipulation

Abstract of the Week: Thoracic Manual Therapy For Shoulder Pain

Live Review of the Lumbar Scan Online

The Dangers of Year-Round Training in Youth Baseball

Movement Monday: A Monumental Recovery

PT Profile: Lori Forner

A Trip Into NAIOMT's History

Abstract of the Week: Adhesive Capsulitis of the Hip

Movement Monday: 352 Mile Long Race Across the Arctic

How to Effectively Palpate the Lumbar Spine (VIDEO)

Manual Therapy Video: Compression Overload Test for the Lumbopelvic Spine

Manual Therapy Video: Cuneiform Manipulation

PT Profile: Ethan Sedman

The Power of What We SAY (Video)

Abstract of the Week: Prevention of Lower Extremity Injuries in Basketball

Movement: It's What You Do This For (Video)

Treating The Throwing Athlete

PT Profile: Leah Sawyer

Why Mentorship Matters in PT

6 steps to Improve Neuro-immune Health

Pelvic Health Talk

This is Important for PTs to Remember

Cervical Spine & Clinical Reasoning

Manual Therapy Video: PIVMs for the Cervical Spine

Manual Therapy Video: Lumbopelvic Reeducation Strategies

On Mentorship

Abstract of the Week: Early Physical Therapy vs Usual Care in Patients With Recent-Onset Low Back Pain

5 Tips for Helping Chronic Pain Patients Using the Power of the Mind

The Importance of PT in Pregnancy

PT Profile: Dr. Gene Shirokobrod

Inside The Yoga Spine

Lumbar Scan: Prone Torsion Test (Video)

Abstract of The Week: Validation of a Clinical Test of Thoracolumbar Dissociation in Chronic Low Back Pain

Is PT An "Alternative Treatment?" to Pain Meds?

What Our Patients Need From Us

Sports Rehab Expert Interviews NAIOMT's Angela Gordon

Abstract of The Week: Effect of Dry Needling for Myofascial Trigger Points in the Neck and Shoulders

Functional Training: Build a Better Athlete

Evidence, Rewarding Cases & The Lumbopelvic Spine (Video)

Beyond Techniques

3 Key Concepts to Embrace After 30

Why Lumbopelvic Spine Matters for PTs

Why More Manual Therapists Should Treat The Pregnant Client

One Goal, Two Different Ways to Get There

Manual Therapy Video: Deep Neck Flexor Progression Part 3

PT Profile: Fred Gilbert

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Working Abroad As A PT

Manual Therapy Video: Deep Neck Flexor Progression Part 2

Manual Therapy Video: Deep Neck Flexor Progression Part 1

Empirical Evidence. Neuroplasticity. Simplicity.

Cervical Spine II: A Video Preview

Spinal Manipulation: Essentials to Endorsement in Washington

Rationale for Choosing Dry Needling: A Story

Why North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy? Why NASHVILLE? Why NOW?

Come. Let us reason together

This is One of The Most Overlooked Skills By PTs

Abstract of the Week: Adverse Events Following Trigger Point Dry Needling

Better Together: The Mentor – Mentee Relationship

Manual Therapy Video: CT Junction Manipulation - Alternative Technique

In COMEth technology, out GOeth our health

Abstract of the Week: Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling in Prevention of Pain After Knee Arthroplasty

Manipulation of Peripheral Joints: Abducted Ulna (VIDEO)

Manual Therapy Video: Manipulation of the Sub-talar Joint

This Is What Sparked My Dry Needling Passion

Abstract of the Week: Manual Therapy for the Management of Pain w/ Signs of TMD

Seeing Results with Dry Needling

What it Means to "Manip Like a Girl"

What Makes A Great PT?

Cliff Fowler: Clinician, Teacher, Researcher, Innovator

Abstract of the Week: Treatment Of Myofascial Pain with Deep Dry Needling

PT Profile: Morgan Denny, DPT

Ultrasound: Why Do Manual Therapists Cringe At The Request?

Physiological Testing For The Shoulder (Video)

What Do NAIOMT Programs & CE Courses Provide a PT? Ask Angie M. Gutierrez, PT, DPT

A Little Monday Motivation...

Quiz Friday!!!!

Spinal Manipulations for Larger Patient (Video)

What’s Your Favorite Question For Patients?

When You're Treating, Keep This in Mind

Examination to "Rule-In" Thoracic Herniated Disc (Video)

PT Profile: Josh Renzi

It’s All About Balance

The Value of a Lumbopelvic Spine Course

PT Profile: Brooke McIntosh

OA Biomechanical Assessment and Treatment (Video)

Low Dye Taping for Plantar Fascitis

SI Region Dysfunctions

The Difference Between Residency and Fellowship

Protecting Your Thumb While Performing Manual Therapy Techniques

“Flick” Manipulation to The Subtalar Joint

Quiz Friday!!!

Upper Quadrant Dry Needling Overview & Video

Shoulder Stacking Video Demonstration

Cervical Live Patient Case: Part 2 Follow Up

Manipulation of the Distal Radio Ulnar Joint (Video)

Shoulder Muscle Energy Technique

Quiz Friday!!

Distraction Manipulation of the SI Joint (Video)

Abstract of The Week: Efficacy & Safety of Meriva®

Part 2: Differential diagnosis of dizziness: vestibular vs cervical - Stress Tests used in the case

Women's Health & Manual Therapy

Positive Fixation of Superior TibFib Abnormal in Non Weight Bearing

AC Joint Assessment and Distraction Technique

PT Profile: Kayla Robison

Why We Do What We Do

Slump Exam for the Lumbar Spine (Video)

A Case Where More Is Definitely Better

Efficient Shoulder Girdle Examination

Examining for TMJ Articular Dysfunction (Video)

Abstract of the Week: Effects of Hip Exercises for Chronic Low-back Pain Patients with Lumbar Stability

How to Assess Scaphoid Movement with Lateral Epicondylitis (Video)

PT Profile: Steve Goldrick

Examining the Cervical Spine


Direction Specific Glide Assessment of Z and U Joint Dysfunction Lower Cervical Spine

It's All About Passion

Addressing Lower Extremities

The Evidence is Clear On This One

Standing Weight Bearing Assessment Of The Superior TibFib Joint (Video)

The True Role of the SI Joint in Lower Quarter Dysfunction

Manipulation for Osteoarthritis of the Base of Thumb

PT Perspective: Crucial Tips For Parents of Little League Players

Concepts of Interunit Relationships (Video)

Seated Specific Passive Intervertebral Motion Testing

Finessing the ROM Exam in the Cervical Scan

How to Earn 24 Continuing Education Hours in Just 21

NAIOMT-Certified PT is "Healer of the Ballet Elite" Featured in Wall Street Journal

PT Profile: Dalin Hansen

6 Ways Taking a Level I Course Can Make You a Better PT

Back Pain Gets Much-Needed Attention

3 Tips for Educating Female Athletes on ACL Injury Prevention

Ipsolateral & Contralateral Locking for The Lumbar Spine (Video)

PT Profile: Angela Gordon

Examining for Cervical Artery Dysfunction (Video)

What Do Meteorologists and Physical Therapists Have in Common?

A Sincere Apology

Direct Access...50 states have it in some what?

PT Profile: Karen Litzy

Direct Access & Treating Without A Referral

Our Approach

PT Profile: Gary Kearns, PT, COMT, FAAOMPT

The Role of Communication in Clinical Practice

Ipsolateral and Contralateral Locking

IMPs and SALs of the Cervical Spine

PT Profile: Melissa Dreger

Big News At NAIOMT!

Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol: What were your thoughts?

PT Profile: Shawn Edyvean, PT

Manipulation of The First Rib (video)

PT Profile: TJ Janicky, SPT

How to Conduct Manipulation of Abducted Ulna

Benefits of Taking an Advanced Techniques 801 Class

Upper Cervical Biomechanics Review (video)

Why It's More Than Manual Therapy

PT Profile: Nils Oudhuis

NAIOMT Remains Committed to Portland Oregon in 2015!!

Balance: How do we get there?

How Much is Too Much?

PT Profile: Elliot Davis, PT, DPT

Subtalar Joint Manipulation (video)

A "Tour" of NAIOMT

PT Profile: Jasmine Marcus

Baby Steps Toward Efficient, Effective & Affordable Healthcare

Cyriax's Approach to the Shoulder (video)

Keep This in Mind About Manual Therapy

Demonstration of Lumbar Gapping: Manipulation of the Larger Patient Part 3

Sitting Thoracic Manipulation: Manipulation of the Larger Patient Part 2

Supine Thoracic Manipulation: Manipulation of the Larger Patient Part 1

Thoracic Spine Manipulation Technique for Small-in-Stature PTs (video)

PT Profile: Ryan Willis, DPT

Vertebral Artery Injury

Happy Thanksgiving

NAIOMT Ankle/Foot Scanning and Biomechanics

Babinksi Test & C-516 Cervical Spine I Course

What's YOUR PT Profile?

C-511 Lumbopelvic Spine & the Facilitated Segment

How to Perform a Kinetic Test of SI Joint: Stork Test (video)

Should PTAs Perform Manual Therapy?

It's all in the Shoes...

Continuing to Revisit inflammation in the tendons...

Tendons-Time to Revisit Inflammation?

Changes are afoot in Portland...

Manipulate or Not?

Treating the Older Lumbar Spine

Erl Pettman...Stretching the Levator Scapulae

Active ROM Testing with Terry

The Prone Instability Test

Mentorship: It's what NAIOMT Does

I'm a little fired up today

NAIOMT Faculty Spotlight: Skating on with Ken Cole

It used to be...

It's never too early to start studying for your Level IV exam!!

NAIOMT-Andrews Orthopedic Residency Program receives accreditation

Are Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness Machines good for my back?

The 20 "Rules" of Manual Therapy

Cycling and my Obsession with Gluteus Medius and Piriformis

Spondylolysis as a Condition of Persistent Low Back Pain in Young Athletes

The paradigm is changing...

Another way to look at what we do...

Tennessee Attorney General rules against Dry Needling in PT Scope of Practice

It's great to be part of a family...

The biomechanics of the Radio ulnar Joint

PT can help you with your swing...

Teaching just aint that easy...

NAIOMT AGM Begins today in Seattle

Physical therapy and Hip OA: the Perspective of a Manual Therapist

Back in the Anatomy Lab...

When patients defy all we've ever known....

The SI Joint Upslip Part 2

The SI Joint Upslip...

Everybody should drink Prosecco...

When the "Evidence" Isn’t Enough, Part Two

The Future is Bright...

Ann Porter-Hoke on the assessment and treatment of the Superior Tib-Fib Joint

Guest Post: Why do a Fellowship...a view from the inside

When 'Evidence' isn't enough..

The totality of Management

Clinically Predicting Gravity

Stay Calm...focus on your reasoning...

NAIOMT Day of Innovation

It's about Clinical Reasoning

The Essential Toolbox: Treating the Hip

The Saturday Morning Shift

More on Manipulation in Washington State

Manipulation in Washington State

Lumbar Spine Rotational Mobilization in the Older Patient

So I've finished my DPT...

Essential Tools: Manipulating the AC Joint

Mentorship: Some Methods are Timeless

The game that can give you 10 extra years of life

Peeling the onion...

Clinical Reasoning & Eclecticism

A New Beginning!!

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