Dry Needling Techniques Based on Muscle Response

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Tyrees Marcy

Lessons from Chris Showalter and the Maitland Approach

Shoulder Assessment Strategies

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Jason Winburne

Medial Talocrural Joint Mobilization

NAIOMT to Resume In-person Courses

Assessment of Rotation in the Upper Cervical Spine

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Amy Temes Clifton

Flexion PPIVMS

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Josiah Faville

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Michael House

Mobilizations in Side Lying Utilizing Locking

Modified Schober's Test

Steve Allen in Conversation With Cliff Fowler

The Eclectic PT Episode 2: Lessons from Steve Allen

Medial Heel Pain

Contemporary Topics in Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Online Instruction in Manual Physical Therapy: From Skeptic to Believer

Webinar Series: The Eclectic PT

Sub Occipital Palpation

Use the Breath to Move the Dial

CMPT Done in 2021

The PT’s Gambit

The One-Percenters

Cervical Spine Treatment Safety Tips

Multiple Regions of Breakdown & Recalcitrant Issues

Three Ways to Functionally Integrate Core Stabilization Into Your Patient Treatment

Are You Seeing Patients With a Rotator Cuff That Isn't Engaging Properly?

A Conversation with Laura Iverson-von Wullerstorff

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Jessica Smith-Blockley

Michael Lucido's Best of NAIOMT: Scapula Dyskinesia

Michael Lucido's Best of NAIOMT: The Abducted Ulna

Michael Lucido's Best of NAIOMT: Anterior Shoulder Pain

Mastery in Manual Therapy – No, Manual Therapy Doesn’t Suck

The Inspiring Journey of Ann Porter Hoke

Michael Lucido's "Best of NAIOMT" - Ankle Pain Case Study

Michael Lucido's Best of NAIOMT: "Facilitated” Elbow Pain

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT’s Steve Allen

New Online Course - The Hip-Spine Connection: Unraveling the Mystery

Erl Pettman - The Functional Hand

Unseen Effects of the Pandemic on Our Patients

Michael Lucido's "Best of NAIOMT": Cervical Spine II

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Gary Kearns

Michael Lucido's "Best of NAIOMT": Thoracolumbar Spine "The transitional zone"

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's David Deppeler

Michael Lucido's "Best of NAIOMT": Lumbopelvic Spine II

Conversation With Brett Windsor

Michael Lucido's "Best of NAIOMT": Lumbopelvic Spine I

How Mentorship Fosters Effective Clinicians

Clinical Reasoning With Erl Pettman

Concepts of Cervical Locking

Erl Pettman & the Functional Shoulder Girdle

Tele-PT and the Manual Therapist

Superior Tib-Fib Joint Assessment

Abducted Ulna - Diagnostics & Treatment

Posterior Shear Test

4 Essential Subtalar Ligament Checks

Frozen Shoulder, It’s Time for a Name Change

10 “Rules” for Treating Low Back Pain

Stronger Cuboid Manipulation

Supine Thoracic Manipulation

One Way to Treat and Clear a Patient’s Low Back Pain

One Way to Regain CT Junction Extension

Mobilization for Bilateral Stenosis

Why Use Toe Spreaders?

Manipulation to Improve Dorsiflexion

Have Patients With a Forward Head Posture?

Subtalar Eversion Manipulation

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Stacy Soappman

Leg Length Difference: The Simple Controversy

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Bill Temes

AAA – A One-Percenter

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Terry Pratt

Elbow Mobilization

Is Spinal Accessory Nerve a Source of Chronic Upper Trapezius Pain?

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Liz Henry

Superior Tibiofemoral Manipulation in Quadruped

Sleep Ergonomics: Clinical Applications - Physical Therapy Approaches to Promote Patient Restorative Sleep

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Angela Gordon

Meaningful Mentors: Meet NAIOMT's Bret Swigard

Meaningful Mentors: NAIOMT's Valerie Coolman

NAIOMT Fellowship: New Grads

Cuboid Manipulation

A Chronic Pain Insight

Soccer Injuries: Arthrokinematic Assessment of the Knee

Abstract of the Week - New perspectives on dry needling following a medical model: are we screening our patients sufficiently?

Four Ways to Assess Shoulder Abduction

Effective Hip Exercise for Trail Running Patients

Proper Palpating of the UCL Ligament

Evaluation of the Scapula

NAIOMT Alumni and Faculty Publish Spinal Manipulation Article in the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy

Adapting Thoracic Spine Manipulation for Broader Patients

Ligamentous Stress Tests of the Craniovertebral Region

Garnering Speed for Lumbar Gapping of Larger Patients

HA Taping to Relieve Tension

Tissue Differentiation: Trigeminal Signs and Symptoms

NAIOMT Fellowship: Reflections of a New Grad

Spinal Engine to Correct Sacral Dysfunction

TMJ Screening Tips

3 Common Clamshell Exercise Errors

Pain with Right Rotation? Here's One Way to Treat

The Importance of Observation in PT

Cervical Spine Anatomy Review

Seated Thoracic Manipulation

Normal Variance in the Alar Ligament Testing

Upper Motor Neuron Signs During Cervical Scanning Examination

Patient Case: Addressing SI Joint Pain

PT Pregame: Why Scapular Stabilization in Overhead Athletes Matters

Patient Case: Violinist with Tingling and Numbness

Your Accelerated Path to CMPT Certification

Examination of the Pelvic Girdle: The “Load Transfer” Test

Seated Thoracic Manipulation on a Larger Patient

Advanced Cervical Spine Manipulation

Technique for the CMC Joint

Muscle Testing Three Ways

One Way to Treat the Subtalar Joint

Left Head Rotation Pain Assessment and Treatment

Gapping Manip of the SI Joint

Women in The PT Profession: A Conversation

Cyclist with Wrist Pain: A Patient Case

What is Similar About Horner’s Syndrome & How to Functionally Train a Patient with a Compromised Alar Ligament?

Patient Case of Posterior Ankle Pain

Tips for Effective Lumbar Gapping Manipulation

The Spine: Single Manipulation or Repeat Mobilization?

One Way To Treat Low Back Pain

One Way to Help a Hiker with Knee Pain

Is Yoga and Other Fitness Activities Good for my Spine?

Locking of the Lumbar Spine

A New Direction for NAIOMT

Alternative Supine Thoracic Manipulation

Stress Testing Cervical Ligaments

Treatment of the Sacroiliac Joint for Mechanical Dysfunction

Unilateral CT Junction Manipulation with a “Sensitive” Neck

Biomechanical Assessment of The Sacroiliac Joint

The Ultimate Pain Solution

Subtalar Joint: Manual Therapy Examination & Assessment of Glide in Eversion & Abduction

Prone Scapular Setting

Side-lying Scapular Activation

Treating Upper Lumbar Spine Segments

Evaluation of A Cervicogenic Headache

One Way to Assess and Treat Knee Pain in Runners

Seated Thoracic Manipulation

Modifications to BPPV Treatment

Testing ROM in the Cervical Spine Without a Goniometer

Lumbar Scan: Prone Torsion Test

One way to Treat the Talocrural Joint Following a Plantar Flexion/Inversion Ankle Sprain

Regaining Right Rotation Through the Ipsilateral AA Joint

One Way to Treat Lack of Supination in the Forearm

Cycling and my Obsession with Gluteus Medius and Piriformis

Atlantoaxial Rotary Stability Test

Anterior Shear Test of The Lumbar Spine

Testing and Manip of the Abducted Ulna

Examining for Cervical Artery Dysfunction

Manipulation of The First Rib

Glenohumeral Capsular Ligament Assessment

Why Do the Lumbar Slump Test?

Foot Pathology in the Distance Runner

Scanning the Body Using Different Functional Groupings

PIVMs for the Cervical Spine

Thoracic Spine Manipulation Safety

PT Bracketology: Stop the Madness

Hip Assessment and Treatment Post MVA

Throwing Shoulder Manual Therapy Case

Is It a Mobility Issue Or Stability Issue in The Lumbar Spine?

Post-MVA CT Junction Case Evaluation

Treating a Common Winter Wrist Injury

Two Recommendations a PT Can Make to Effectively Lessen a Patient's Migraine Headache

Assessment and Treatment of The Talocrural Joint

Asymmetry of the Human Body: Does it Really Matter?

Slump Exam for the Lumbar Spine

Success with Chronic Pain is Education of What Normal Actually Feels Like.

Upper Cervical Mobility Testing AA Joint

Gapping Mobilization in a Neurally Loaded Position

Manubrial Test For The Thoracic Spine

How To Find Upper Extremity Reflexes

Subtalar Joint Interosseous Ligament Tests

Positional Release Technique of the quadratus lumborum

This Is What Sparked My Dry Needling Passion

H and I Testing

Seated OA Treatment to Regain Occiput Posterior Glide

The 20 "Rules" of Manual Therapy

Compression Overload Test

New Year, New Skills

Alternative Thoracic Spine Manipulation

Manipulation of The AC Joint

The Dangers of Year-Round Training in Youth Baseball

Upper Cervical Ligaments Review

Manipulation of Abducted Ulna

Unilateral C7 T1 Extension Manip of the CSpine

Should This Patient Race with an Ankle Sprain?

How to Assess and Treat the Superior Tibiofibular Joint

Compression Overload Test for the Lumbopelvic Spine

What's Really Causing Plantar Fasciitis? A Patient Case

Radio Humeral Joint Mobilization

Musculoskeletal Monday: From Technicians to Musculoskeletal Specialists

Modified Schober Test

Is It a Neuromuscular Imbalance? Here's One Way to Tell

Humeral Head Won't Go Posterior? Here's One Way to Treat It

What Impacts a Patient's Cervical Range of Motion

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