NAIOMT and Covid-19

NAIOMT understands this is a very difficult time. Many of you are not working, and there’s uncertainty about when you’ll resume. Full message and updates here.

Treat the Whole Person

Complex patient problems call for a master clinician level of care. And that’s where the NAIOMT system takes you. With us, you’ll learn how to treat the whole person, consistently arrive at an accurate functional diagnosis, and provide a safe, effective, quadrant-integrated, hands-on treatment approach with confidence.

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Courses & Certification

Set yourself apart with the NAIOMT CMPT certification. NAIOMT teaches clinical reasoning processes aimed at the whole person, integrating patient needs with a quadrant based approach to cause and effect. The NAIOMT CMPT will facilitate efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness with your evaluation skills. The NAIOMT CMPT proposes an eclectic approach to management, focusing on producing alterations in the neurophysiological system through all types of manual therapy and exercise.


Clinical Fellowship Program

Recognized by the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT), the NAIOMT OMPT Fellowship Program offers a unique, go at your own pace curriculum, supported by an industry leading, evidence-based approach to 1:1 face to face mentoring. Graduation from the program culminates in the award of FAAOMPT, known world-wide as the leaning credential in the field. Challenge yourself to achieve the best.

Still frame from NAIOMT faculty Terry Pratt's video demonstration of a manubrial test for the thoracic spine

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Post-Course Office Hours

NAIOMT believes in the value of mentorship at all levels and we are now offering online mentoring sessions we call "Post-Course Office Hours." This is an opportunity for you to share patient cases, ask treatment questions, and have an open discussion about material from the course you attended. For details, schedule and to register, visit our Post-Course Office Hours page.