NAIOMT - PT owned and dedicated to achieving the highest standards of clinical practice for manual physical therapists.


Find out what NAIOMT can do for you, and what our alumni have to say about NAIOMT.

What Can NAIOMT Do For You?

NAIOMT can provide the 1:1 feedback and learning that is vital to your development as a physical therapist.

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High Achieving PTs

NAIOMT is not the fastest, easiest route to Orthopedic Manual Therapy Certification, but we think it's far and away the best.

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What do NAIOMT alumni say about us?

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NAIOMT PTs learn how to be efficient critical thinkers with expert hands. This means faster evals, more patients per day and better patient outcomes in less time.

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Host Courses

Bringing us into your organization can be a cost effective option.

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