C-630 Oral Practical Exam for Berrien Springs, MI (October 9 & 10, 2018)
Registration Information
October 9 - October 10, 2018
Andrews University Dept of Physical Therapy
8515 E Campus Drive
Berrien Springs, MI

Register for your C-630 (CMPT) Oral Practical Exam here. Please be sure you have visited our Certification Overview page to review the "Oral Practical Exam Guidelines".

Please Note: No exam times can be guaranteed and candidates need to make themselves available for the whole of the exam day. The schedule for this Exam is on a first come first serve basis and your exam timeslot will be determined by the order in which we receive your registration.

Cancellation, Appeal and Academic honesty policy:
I certify that I am a licensed PT student; the information provided is true to best of my knowledge; I am aware that the consequences of cheating will render the exam(s) null and void and void my eligibility to take further exams with NAIOMT; There are no academic appeals; Postponement due to health reasons must be accompanied by a note from a physician and remains at the discretion of the exam coordinator; I have read and understand the cancellation policy.

Cost: Detailed on the Certification Overview page on the website.

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