OMPT Fellowship Program

Are you ready to work with our experienced faculty and mentors, all of whom are in clinical practice?  All NAIOMT Fellows-in-training receive clinical mentoring from a manual therapy specialist; a FAAOMPT or equivalent. 

The current NAIOMT Fellowship Program meets recently revised ABPTRFE OMPT fellowship criteria and also International OMPT Education Standards (IFOMPT).   

Our next admission window will be for our winter 2018 cohort and we look forward to talking with you. Your application is initiated with an application fee of $100, due by October 1st, 2018.  You can initiate the process at any time, and the application is valid for one year.

The application submission window opens October 1 and closes October 15, 2018. (See link below). Qualified applicants will then complete an interview and successful applicants will be admitted, December 15, 2018.

The following admission with be July 15th, 2019. The application fee is required by May 1, 2019.  NAIOMT will have 2 admission cohorts in 2019; application windows in May and October 2019.  

The NAIOMT Fellowship does not currently use the central admission system through ABPTRFE (RF-PTCAS). Applications must be made directly to NAIOMT.

Admission Criteria: NAIOMT OMPT Fellowship admission criteria during 2018 and 2019 will be those who demonstrate clinical experience in orthopedic and manual physical therapy, or have completed an OCS or orthopedic residency. By the time of admission you are required to have completed the seven 500- and 600-level NAIOMT courses and their associated on-line tests. Success in the 630 oral-practical exam is not required before admission. Equivalent experience will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

Admissions after 1/1/20: ABPTRFE has changed fellowship admission criteria, to require a minimum of an OCS or completion of an accredited residency. 

NAIOMT's Laura Von Wullerstorff teaching

NAIOMT's Clinical Fellowship in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT)

The NAIOMT Clinical Fellowship Program (CFP) is a self-directed, part-time, eclectic program to enhance your safe, efficient and effective advanced clinical reasoning and management of complex musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. Our strength is the clinical expertise of our faculty.

You gain access to:

  • Master clinicians passionate about clinical practice
  • A combination of in-person and distance OMPT education and advanced clinical mentoring
  • Graduate credits towards postprofessional doctoral degrees
  • Patient satisfaction resulting from your clinical reasoning and advanced psychomotor skills

APTA-Accredited & AAOMPT-Approved

Since 2000, the Fellowship Program has been accredited by the APTA as a postprofessional clinical fellowship in orthopaedic manual physical therapy. The American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy has continuously recognized the NAIOMT program since 1998. A physical therapist graduate of the Fellowship Program may apply for the Fellow credential with the Academy (FAAOMPT).

ABPTRFE accredited program

Timeline & Curriculum

  • NAIOMT accepts 2 cohorts per year in winter and summer.
  • Fellowship Program is typically 30-60 months.(Effective 1/1/18)
  • Program is designed to develop your evidence-informed management of the patient/client who does not fit a simple algorithm or rule.
  • Curriculum is anchored in clinical experience and applied sciences and is continuously evolving to integrate expanding scientific, theoretical and clinical knowledge, skills, attitudes and evidence.
  • Training focuses on patient-specific management, efficient pattern recognition, precise movement assessment, quadrant analysis, advanced clinical reasoning and eclectic OMPT techniques that include all grades of mobilization/manipulation to all areas of the axial and appendicular skeleton.
  • Graduation requirements include: successful completion of didactic instruction and examinations, advanced clinical reasoning and clinical assessments, clinical mentored hours and tutorials and a scholarly project.

For further information on the program, click: FELLOWSHIP FACTS & CURRICULUM


  • NAIOMT has multiple clinical sites; at the clinical fellowship instructor’s place of employment or the instructor may travel to the fellow-in-training’s location. Click here for NAIOMT-approved Clinical Fellowship Instructors: FACULTY
  • Classroom hours are obtained at NAIOMT courses offered at many locations. Click here for COURSE SCHEDULE

Admission Process

  • Completion of an orthopedic residency or OCS is recommended but not required for admission during 2018 and 2019.
  • Documentation of one year or 2000 hours of post-professional clinical practice in orthopaedic physical therapy is required
  • Successful completion of seven NAIOMT 500 and 600-level (level I and II) classes and on-line tests is required before admission. Some equivalency will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. The NAIOMT 630 oral-practical examination is not require pre-admission. 
  • Potential for portfolio application if experience outside of NAIOMT programs

*Download the full Admission Requirements and Application Form: HERE

Contact and Information

Lab Assistants

NAIOMT Lab Assistants (teaching assistants) add quality to NAIOMT courses by actively assisting in the lab portion of the courses. You need to apply to NAIOMT to be a NAIOMT lab assistant.

Those entering the NAIOMT OMPT fellowship program are automatically lab assistants (after confirmation by NAIOMT)

More info on these positions here.

NAIOMT's Laura von Wullerstorff and students