S-922 Lumbar Spine Master Class (Portland, OR)
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March 24 - March 25, 2018
New Heights Physical Therapy Plus
5736 NE Glisan Street
Portland, OR

After seeing A LOT of spine related complaints throughout my career including doing more than 5000 spine surgery consults over the past decade, it appears to me that there are recognizable patterns of presentation. I have had the opportunity to treat many of those people and found that some are not amenable to physio efforts. We want to identify those early and get them to a more appropriate resource. Cases will be reviewed, including imaging, to help identify this group. The largest percentage of patients however have a strong mechanical dysfunction component that can be treated quite efficiently. This approach involves treating all kinds of areas other than the lumbar spine that have a mechanical influence on the low back. Quick functional tests isolate problem areas and manipulation is used frequently (even in people with acute sciatica but you have to be VERY focused to avoid force through the lumbar spine. That is why this course is best aimed at people with a fair amount of experience). Soft tissue restrictions are identified and mobilized as well. The principles can be applied to other areas of symptoms not just back pain as it addresses integrated mechanical dysfunction.

Instructor:  Dr. Laurie McLaughlin, PT, DSc, FCAMPT, CMAG, MCPA

  • Cost:  $399.00
  • This course is 2 days on-site.  You will receive an emailed link to the course materials 1 week prior to the course.  Please watch for this link in your email inbox.  
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