C-725AB Advanced Spinal Manipulation (Berrien Springs, MI)
March 18 - March 23, 2018
Andrews University
Department of Physical Therapy
Berrien Springs, MI


To register for this course, please visit our partner Andrews University: REGISTER HERE

Formerly Level IV C-801 Advanced Techniques.  This course is an integration of high-velocity low-amplitude (thrust) techniques into the total patient care, with emphasis on the spine, pelvic girdle and ribs. Only students who have demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge and skill by examination are admitted into this course.

The pre-requisite policy for the LIV 800 Advance Techniques course no longer is reserved just for those participants who have passed the NAIOMT LIII written exam and LIII case studies exams.

* Please note that specific course content will vary according to faculty assessment of the specific skill levels and needs of the course participants, as well as to remain in full compliance with individual state physical therapy practice acts. This course is prepared and presented as a continuum to all previous NAIOMT courses. If a registrant/participant has not taken these courses, but still chooses to attend the course it must be emphasized that the course instructor will not alter the flow of the course or change its content, to accommodate a participants lack of knowledge, skill or preparation.


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