manual therapy certification

Manual Therapy Certification

Get the right diagnosis fast and learn more techniques to improve patient satisfaction

We update our curriculum every six months so our courses evolve as the field evolves. You can take courses in any order at one of 22 sites around the country. Our instructors all see patients so you learn what actually works in the clinic.

  • Evidence informed
  • Flexible and self-paced
  • Instructors are practicing clinicians

Courses & Certifications

NAIOMT's Brett Windsor instructs PTs at a certificate course.
Set yourself apart from your peers. Earn your manual therapy certification.

OMPT Fellowship

NAIOMT's Ann Porter Hoke mentors a PT as part of the OMPT Fellowship Program.
Help the patients no one else can. Earn your FAAOMPT with NAIOMT.

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Get expert PT guidence, exclusive updates and educational videos.
Get expert PT guidence, exclusive updates and educational videos.

Video of the Month

Watch NAIOMT's Stacy Soappman demonstrate first rib manipulation in a patient that is larger in stature than herself.


Jason P. Moses
Jason P. Moses
Summit Peak Physical Therapy
Arlington, Texas

I just wanted to send my highest thanks for all the tutelage I have received within the NAIOMT program. A patient came in with complaints of dizziness, facial tingling, disturbed vision/hearing and pain in her neck. She had history of a bad MVA approximately 25 years ago and her symptoms had persisted since the accident. During subjective history she mentioned that all of her previous physicians thought she was crazy. As I was performing the subjective examination, I thought her symptoms sounded like what Erl Pettman has described as “trigeminal symptoms.”

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